Multiplier Event in Piraeus, Greece May 17th  2023

Our multiplier event was planned in the end of our school year, on May 2023 to present our project results. The aim was mainly to present the finalized version of the platform, in order to encourage learners to register and use the platform in order to benefit from our work and respond with more remarks and suggestions. In the final version we included suggestions made after our dissemination event, e.g.  to have the platform in native languages of the partners.

Initially, we prepared dissemination material, our invitations and posters. We distributed the invitations and the agenda through e-mail and our social media accounts.

We would love to have one major event in our school amphitheater, but the amphitheater is under construction to serve the purposes of an EU project with the participation of the municipality of Piraeus. So the particularity was that the event took place in both morning and night shift of the school in the IT Lab of our school, which served perfectly the aim of the event. All the activities planned took place without any problem.

The headmaster of 2nd EK of Piraeus welcomed the participants to the event and said a few words about the aims of the meeting (according to the agenda) and the objectives of the project.

After that the trial version of the project platform was presented and explained by the coordinator, Mr Thrasyvoulos Karaisarlis. The presentation of the completed products of the project (IOs) followed, by other members of the project team (Mrs Arapaki Stella and Mr Plainos Nikos). The interest of the attendants was peacked during the demonstration of Drones (piloting/programming) and 3D printers by Mr Thrasyvoulos Karaisarlis & Mrs Arapaki Stella, as drones were piloted in the room and participants came in small teams closer to working 3D printers to observe the printing procedure and the hardware used.

Among the participants of the event were headmasters, teachers and representatives of other educational units of secondary and post-secondary professional education.

The challenge was to arouse the interest of different groups of people. That is why the whole event was each time adjusted to the participants emphasizing to different parts according to the interest shown.