Multiplier Event in Erfurt, Germany 9th June 2023

The multiplier event in Erfurt took place on 9th of June 2023, gathering educators, teachers, community leaders, industry (IT and AI-driven) representatives as well as digital literacy experts at Saline34.

The agenda included a project presentation, Intellectual Outputs Cafe, where all three IOS were presented by CGE team (the competence framework and STEAM4ALL Audit, Educational Backpack, Open Badges Manual, Open e-Learning platform and Mobile App for Android phones).

After the presentations, the participants were invited to take part in two workshops: drone piloting (utilizing the developed by CGE module on block-based programming for the DJI drones) and 3D modeling.

At the end of the event, the organizers did a Q&A session about further implications of the project results, knowledge transfer to other schools and youth centers and conducted an evaluation round with the audience.