Multiplier Event in Pianezza, Italy 24th May 2023

The final event of the project Steam4all was organized by the European Digital Learning Network ETS at the premises of the Institute for the Deaf of Torino; located in the village of Pianezza, Italy.

The event lasted a full day and a break and light lunch were foreseen for participants. DLEARN targeted local students wanting to pursue a career path in education, psychology and pedagogy. A total of 22 young people from University of Turin – specifically from the courses of pedagogy and education- hence future teachers and trainers- attended the Multiplier Event held in Italian and aiming at disseminating and promoting STEAM4all its results, its mission and goals. The very complete agenda encompassed all the aspects of the project – its technical and material products – and its ratio and broader scope. The event started in the morning STEAM4ALL project presentation and overview of the objectives, mission and expected results; then the journey done by the consortium to build the Competence Framework for a Sustainable Future was illustrated in details to attendees showing how the questionnaires were prepared and showing the to the infographics summarizing each Country’s data. The afternoon was dedicated to the presentation of the Toolkit and teaching materials on Drones and 3D Printing/Designing divided in the 3 complexity levels. The Steam4all Platform was also widely shown and explained as well as the App for which was set up a practical workshop. The day was closed by a presentation of the Open Badges Ecosystem; their functionalities, aspects and innovativeness.

The event was highly informative and many “Questions and answers” sessions were foreseen as well as opening and closing remarks in order to favour the exchange of ideas and natural discussion and debates within the audience.